You are about to be involved in a civil/criminal matter wherein you have chosen to act pro se, that is representing yourself without the benefit of an attorney's training and experience.  The court process is not a simple matter.  Depending on the proceeding, the law requires certain steps be followed, certain papers be filed, and certain evidence be introduced to the Court in order to authorize a court to decide a pending matter.  Therefore, although you have the right to represent yourself, we strongly urge you to consult with an attorney in this or any matter involving the legal system.

If you represent yourself, you alone are responsible for knowing and following the correct procedures.  If you fail to follow the correct procedures, you may not have effective representation at court.  The Office of the Juvenile Court is an administrative office and no member of this office staff is qualified or licensed to practice law.  State law forbids any person other than a duly licensed attorney at law to render or furnish legal services or advice.  Therefore, no one in this office will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding legal procedures you many need to follow.  If you are uncertain of the procedures to follow, you should attempt to resolve those uncertainties prior to appearing in court.

Agencies that may offer assistance:

Forsyth County Bar Association 770-521-4316

Georgia Legal Services Program 800-822-5391

Forsyth County Indigent Defense 678-513-5959

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The Juvenile Court is committed to the care, safety and guidance of children; to respectful and just treatment of all involved; to the personal development and accountability of children and their families; to public safety, and to restoration of victims and communities.