Vial of Life Program

First responders need all the medical information they can get when treating a patient. The Vial of Life initiative, made possible through a partnership between the Forsyth County Fire Department and Kroger Pharmacy, help provide this vital information.

The Vial of Life program gives citizens the ability to prepare medical information for first responders. In the event of a medical emergency, the vial, containing medical information of the individual’s choosing, is then available for Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to review. 

How the Program Works

Citizens put any and all pertinent medical information on a provided sheet and place the sheet in the provided and well-marked medical vial. The vial is then placed in the refrigerator door for easy finding by first responders. An alert sticker is also provided for placement on or near the front door. This sticker allows for easy recognition by first responders, informing them that the Vial of Life program is present in the residence.

While the program is targeted toward senior citizens, it is available to any citizen. Vials can be obtained from any Forsyth County fire station, Fire Department Headquarters or the Forsyth County Senior Center at Charles Place. 

To receive additional information about the Vial of Life program, call the Fire Department public education division at (678) 455-8072 or email to  

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