Grant Announcements

Recipients of federal grants have been awarded funds to carry out the goals and objectives identified in the grant. These funds are subject to certain regulations, oversight, and audit.

  • Grant recipients are stewards of federal funds.
  • Grant dollars must be used for their intended purpose.
  • Grant recipients must account for costs and justify expenditures.

Using federal grant dollars for unjust enrichment, personal gain, or other than their intended use is a form of theft, subject to criminal and civil prosecution under the laws of the United States.


Report Fraud:  If you think you may have been a victim of a government grant scam, file a compliant with the Federal Trade Commission on line or call toll free, 1-877-382-4357; TTY; 1-866-653-4261.

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Our Mission

The Forsyth County Finance Department's mission is to provide timely and accurate financial information to all stakeholders, ensure compliance with applicable accounting laws and procedures, and actively manage revenue stream, cash flow and debt activity.