Road Maintenance & Work Request

Roads & Bridges Crews

 *The Construction Crew has 14 employees plus their supervisor, Mike Butler,

  • The Construction Crew installs pipes due to rusting, failing, breakage and/or damage. They perform culvert, catch basin, sidewalk and minor bridge repairs. They deal with any issues on cross drains, ditches, side drains and storm structures and clear pipes of debris. They assist in the calcium chloride treatment on the county maintained gravel roads.   


The Asphalt Crew has 17 employees plus their supervisor, Travis Wareham,

  • There is a yearly resurfacing list of an average of more than 65 miles that is provided by the Engineering Department.
  • This crew handles all the milling, asphalt patching and shoulder building from that list along with any individual work orders.


The Pothole, Asphalt Patching Crew has 6 employees plus their supervisor, Allen Barrett,

  • This crew handles the pot holes, edge ruts and other asphalt patching needed.
  • They are doing the dead animal pick-up on the county maintained roads.
  • They do side arm mowing as needed and disposing of any logs that are too big for our chipper. 
  • This supervisor also is in charge of the litter pick-up done under county contract. 


 *The Right of Way Mowing Crew has 20 employees plus their supervisor, Jimmie Rogers,

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  • We currently have 8 crews of 2 to 3 members that make up this team for mowing, tree cutting, tree trimming, chipping, herbicide spraying, weed eating, debris clean up within the county right of way.
  • During the mowing season we have most of these crews on a rotation that usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete their designated zone.
    • From Pilgrim Mill Road northeast to Dawson County line to the lake boundaries and Hall County line.
    • From Bald Ridge Marina Road and Highway 400 to the Fulton County line to McFarland Parkway.
    • West of Highway 400 and south of Highway 20 to the Cherokee County line and south to the Fulton County line.
    • West of Highway 400, north of Buford Highway (Highway 20) to SR 369 and Cherokee County line.
    • West of Highway 400, north of SR 369 to Cherokee and Dawson County lines.
  • All county Parkways and Boulevards.





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Our Mission

The Department of Engineering represents a functional grouping of divisions meeting a common goal - to provide for the county's infrastructure needs through proper placement and maintenance of roadways, drainage structures, pedestrian walks, and traffic control devices. Our mission is to put citizens first as we promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Forsyth County.