Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can animals run loose?
A. No. Animals must be under a form of control when they are off of their property. The types of control can include a leash, shock collar or voice control.

Q. Can my dog be tied up outside?
A. No. Dogs are not permitted to be tied or chained up and unattended at any time.

Q. There are dogs barking in my neighborhood. What can I do?
A. The offense can be reported to Animal Services to investigate. Please note that unreasonable barking or other noises shall mean barks, bays, cries, howls or other noises that are continuous or incessant for a period of 30 minutes, or are intermittent for a period of one hour or more.

Q. I think Animal Services picked up my animal. Where would my animal be transported to?
A. All animals that are impounded by Animal Services are transported to the Forsyth County Animal Shelter at 4065 County Way, Cumming, Ga 30028.

Q. I have received a warning taped to my front door. What should I do?
A. When you have received a notice from an officer it is imperative that you contact that officer via email or call into our office at 770-781-2138. Failing to contact us may result in a delay to complete your case.

Q. Are their licensing fees for my animal?
A. There are fees associated with your animal’s rabies vaccine. If you received a rabies vaccine outside of Forsyth County you will be receiving a letter from Animal Services to pay the fee amount.

Q. I received a citation. How do I find out the fee amount?
A. You will need to contact Magistrate Court at 770-781-2211.

Q. There is a dead animal on the road. Where do I report this?
A. You will need to contact Roads and Bridges at 770-781-2155.

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Our Mission

The mission of Forsyth County Animal Services is to work in partnership with the community to create a safe, healthy and caring environment for both our citizens and animals. Animal services maintains this through the education and enforcement of county ordinances.