1/19/2012 - Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting/Public Hearings

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THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2012 @ 3:00 P.M.

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Recess Regular Meeting

III. Executive Session if Needed (3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

IV. Reconvene Regular Meeting at 5:00 p.m.

V. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

VI. Adoption of Agenda

VII. Announcements and Reports:

(1) Presentation of plaque to Linda Whittle – Chairman Boff

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Adoption of Minutes:

(1) Regular Meeting/Public Hearings and Executive Session of January 5, 2012

(2) Work Session and Executive Session of January 10, 2012

X. Consent Agenda:

(1) Adoption of Resolutions authorizing Affidavits concerning Executive Sessions of January 5, 2012 and January 10, 2012.

(2) Ratification of the following items that were discussed and unanimously approved at a Work Session held on January 10, 2012:

(A) Board approval to schedule a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 7:00 p.m. for the purpose of discussing impervious surface limitations related to protecting water supply watersheds – County Manager.

(B) Board approval to appoint Charity Clark as Clerk to the Civil Service Board for calendar year 2012 – Director of Personnel Services.

(C) Board approval to appoint Dana Miles as Hearing Officer and General Counsel for the Civil Service Board for calendar year 2012 – Charity Clark, Clerk to the Civil Service Board.

(D) Board approval to accept Bid 11-121-2210 to purchase 16 police package vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office – Procurement Director.

(E) Board approval to accept RFP 11-107-2400 for Pre-Event Debris Removal and Disposal Services – Procurement Director.

(F) Board approval to accept RFQ 11-113-3150 for pre-qualification of contractors for as needed roadway repairs – Procurement Director.

(G) Board approval to purchase a new Midland SA Shoulder Widener for the Roads & Bridges Department – Procurement Director.

(H) Board approval to accept language as presented (striking “in residential zoning districts”) and to advertise for Public Hearings for changes to the UDC regarding timber harvesting - Director of Planning & Community Development.

(I) Board approval of the following Committee Appointments for 2012: (County Manager)

i. Transportation Todd Levent
Jim Boff

ii. Water & Sewer Brian Tam
Patrick Bell
Tim Merritt
Tim Perkins

iii. Facilities Pete Amos
Todd Levent

iv. Public Safety Todd Levent
Pete Amos

v. Technology Todd Levent
Jim Boff

vi. Planning & Zoning Pete Amos
Patrick Bell

vii. Parks & Recreation Brian Tam
Todd Levent

viii. Chestatee-Chattahoochee Danny Bennett
Resource Conservation & Brenda Johnson
Development Council

ix. Georgia Mountains Chairman

x. Health Board Pete Amos

xi. North Georgia Emergency Danny Bowman
Medical Services Richard Hamilton
Advisory Council

xii. Finance Brian Tam
Patrick Bell
David Gruen
Doug Derrer

xiii. Intergovernmental Pete Amos
Relations Brian Tam

xiv. D.A.T.E. Fund Jim Boff
(Drug Alcohol Training Education)

xv. Legislative Affairs Brian Tam
Patrick Bell
Tim Merritt

xvi. Social Services Patrick Bell
Jim Boff
Nancy Smallwood
Nicole Morgan
Amanda Ream

XI. Public Hearing:

(1) Second reading of proposed modifications to the Forsyth County Alcohol Ordinance (Ordinance #68) specifically to modify the criteria for issuance of an employee alcohol sales permit with respect to automatic disqualifying events and employee alcohol sales permit application requirements – County Attorney.
(First Public Hearing was held 01/05/12)
XII. Old Business:


XIII. New Business:

(1) L.O.S.T. (Local Option Sales Tax) – County Attorney.

(2) Service Delivery Strategy negotiations – County Attorney.

(3) City/County water contracts – County Attorney.

XIV. Recess Regular Meeting

XV. Executive Session if Needed

XVI. Adjournment

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