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      Roads and Bridges  
    Patrick Tittle
    Patrick Tittle
    Road Superintendent

    770-781-2155 Phone
    770-781-2159 Fax

    Barbara Meincke
    Administrative Assistant

    770-781-2155 Phone
    770-781-2159 Fax

    Roads and Bridges is a division of the Forsyth County Engineering Department. The primary mission is the repair and maintenance of existing county roads and rights-of-way promptly, efficiently and economically, using well-planned activities, proper equipment, and skilled and dedicated employees.

    Within this mission, the Roads and Bridges Division is responsible for, but not limited to: pothole patching, milling and deep-patching operations in conjunction with LARP and county resurfacing contracts, rights-of-way mowing and tree trimming/removal/chipping, drainage ditch and storm water structure repair, cross and side drain repair and replacement, shoulder construction and repair, hydro seeding, preparation and oversight of calcium chloride application to gravel roads, and bridge repair (as needed).

    Division personnel also respond to emergencies and natural and man-made disasters 24 hours a day, seven days a week by removing roadway debris resulting from vehicular accidents, clearing storm-related debris from roadways, plowing and spreading salt during ice and snow events, and closing and barricading roads which have been determined to pose a danger to drivers.

    * Information pertaining to the planning and oversight for the improvement of existing roads and construction of new roads; the opening of new or reopening of reconstructed roads; subdivision construction; regulatory/informational signs; traffic signals; right-of-way questions; storm water; and sediment and erosion control complaints can be found on this Web site under the Engineering Department. Please direct any questions pertaining to these subjects to Mr. John Cunard, Director of Engineering, or Mr. Tim Allen, Assistant Director of Engineering.
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