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    Russell McClelland
    Chief Judge State Court

    770-781-2130 Phone
    770-886-2821 Fax


    Leslie C. Abernathy-Maddox
    State Court Judge

    770-205-4670 Phone
    770-205-4577 Fax

    State Court exercises jurisdiction over all misdemeanor violations, including traffic offenses and all civil actions, regardless of amount claimed, unless the superior court has exclusive jurisdiction. State Court is also authorized to hold hearings for and issuance of search and arrest warrants; and for preliminary hearings. Constitutional authority to review lower court decisions as provided by statute.

    State Court has authority over the following matters:

    The trial of criminal cases below the grade of felony;

    The trial of civil actions without regard to the amount in controversy, except those actions in which exclusive jurisdiction is vested in the superior court;

    The hearing of applications for and the issuance of arrest and search warrants;

    The holding of courts of inquiry;

    The punishment of contempts by fine not exceeding $500.00 or by imprisonment not exceeding 20 days, or both; and

    Review of decisions of other courts as may be provided by law.

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