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  • J. Russell Jackson, Juvenile Court Judge
  • Rebecca M. Rusk, Juvenile Court Administrator/Clerk of Court
  • Accountability & Substance Abuse Court (ASAC)
  • Anne Preston, Clinical Director and Family Therapist
  • At Risk Children Committee (ARCC)
  • Basic Rules of Court Conduct
  • Citizen Review Panel
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Court Costs and Fees
  • Court Programs
  • Court Staff Directory
  • Definitions of Terms Used in Juvenile Court
  • Dennia Martin, Divisions Coordinator/Senior Deputy Clerk
  • Deprivation Timeline
  • Drug Testing Protocol
  • Erica Hudgins, Educational Compliance Case Managert
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Jessica R. Salloum, Delinquency and Traffic Case Manager
  • Juvenile Court Directive
  • Limitations on the Judicial Office staff
  • Mediation Program
  • Mentor Me North Georgia, Inc.
  • Notice to Pro Se Defendants and Litigants
  • Pre-Trial Information
  • Private Deprivation
  • Probation Services
  • Qualification for Financial Assistance for Court Ordered Programs
  • Real Life Alternative to Detention Program
  • Restitution and Community Service
  • Roxanne M. Spencer, Juvenile Services Specialist
  • Truancy Court
  • Winds of Change Weekend Work Program

      Juvenile Court  

    J. Russell Jackson
    Chief Judge

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    770-781-3089 Fax

    Rebecca Rusk
    Juvenile Court Administrator/Chief Clerk of Court

    770-781-3099 Phone
    770-781-3089 Fax

    The Juvenile Court is committed to the care, safety and guidance of children; to respectful and just treatment of all involved; to the personal development and accountability of children and their families; to public safety, and to restoration of victims and communities.
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