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    Forsyth County Tree Ordinance

    Recognizing the significant environmental, economic, and social benefit of trees, the Forsyth County Tree Ordinance provides standards that guide development and incorporate trees into land use planning. Establishing a healthy and sustainable urban and community forest will preserve and enhance the quality of life within the county, while at the same time permitting economic growth and development. The Tree Ordinance requires that all commercial and industrial sites and major residential subdivisions maintain a minimum tree density following development. Tree removal by homeowners on their property is exempt from the requirements of the Tree Ordinance.

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    Tree Protection Commission

    The Forsyth County Tree Protection Commission consists of five members appointed by the Board of Commissioners. They are tasked with reviewing and making recommendations regarding amendments to the Tree Ordinance and hearing any appeal of a decision authorized by the Tree Ordinance. They are are also tasked with establishing educational and other programs to encourage proper management and maintenance of trees.

    Tree Commission
    John Allison
    Peter Bond
    Brian Cole
    Avery Howell
    Doug Pattillo
    Staff Contact Information
    Greg Wallace
    Forsyth County Arborist

    Links to Other Planning-Related Ordinances

    • Unified Development Code (UDC)
    • Sign Ordinance
    • Muni code (Note:All Forsyth County Ordinances can be found, search, and downloaded from the website Some of the more widely used chapters include:
      • Municode Title 34 Sediment and Erosion Control (FC Ordinance 73)
      • Municode Title 66 Sign Ordinance (FC Ordinance 74)
      • Municode Title 86 Tree Ordinance (FC Ordinance 98)
      • Municode Appendix A Unified Development Code (FC Ordinance 87)


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