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    Sign Ordinance

    This page provides information via the links below for everything related to sign permitting. Information includes the application, sign ordinance, sign review checklist and a pedestrian sign design manual. 

    • Sign Ordinance
    • Sign Permit Review Application: Be aware that your sign permit will be reviewed and approved by the the Planning Division, but your permit will be separately issued by the Building Permit Division. It is a two (2) step process and both steps must be completed in order to successfully obtain a valid sign permit.
    • Monument Signs: For a monument with signage, details with footing design, etc., are required for the building permit.  These details must be reviewed by a plans examiner.  Additional contractor requirements, i.e., General Contractor or Specialty contractor is necessary for permitting and installation.

    • Pedestrian Oriented Sign Design Manual

    We are proud to announce that we now offer digital plan review through eplansolutions. Follow the logo for more information.

    Links to Other Planning-Related Ordinances:

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