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    Welcome to the Roads and Bridges Division where we maintain over 1,100 miles of asphalt roads and over 50 miles of gravel roads in Forsyth County.

    Roads and Bridges Division Supervisor in charge of Construction Operations is Mike Butler,

    The Roads and Bridges Construction Crew install pipes due to either rusting, failing, breakage and or damage. They clear pipes of debris. They perform culvert, catch basin, sidewalk and minor bridge repairs. They deal with any issues on cross drains, ditches, side drains and storm structures. 

    There are still more than 95 gravel roads throughout the county.  The scraping and graveling of these roads are on an as needed basis with a calcium chloride treatment usually done once a year on most of these unpaved roads to control the dust.


    image Construction Crew at Work - Picture 1

    image Construction Crew at Work - Picture 2

    image Construction Crew at Work - Picture 3

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