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    Our goal is to keep the right of way of over 3,400 county maintained roads trimmed within a rotation schedule during the mowing season.  Roads and Bridges Division Supervisor in charge of  the Mowing Operations: Jimmie Rogers,

    This rotation usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete with weather, attendance, equipment repair and equipment location as part of the factor before beginning the rotation over. 

    We currently have 5 crews of 2 to 3 members to cover all the county. These crews comprise of a tractor with a bush hog attached for the mowing and a pick up truck that follows the tractor for safety/flagging.  Also there is weed eating and spraying, debris clean up to be done as needed. 

    There are some areas that the vegetation growth is so thick or that cannot be reached with a tractor with a bush hog that we use a tractor with a side arm flail mower.  We  have 2 pieces of this type equipment to use through out the county.  This is a longer process as it requires skilled operators and more crew members to flag traffic in congested areas.   The speed of this side arm is slower and we do not complete as much area as when we are using the bush hogs.   This is usually done after mowing season unless there is a high priority area or site distance.

    These crews also remove trees, limbs and debris that have fallen in the county road or right of way.  Some of these we are able to chip which we have to schedule a crew to bring the chipper machine for this.   These crews also remove dead animals, repair pot holes, edge ruts, assist with road repairs and patching, and picking up trash on the right of way.

    1. The County is divided into 5 zones for these crew’s, which is as follows:

    2. From Pilgrim Mill Road northeast to Dawson County line to the lake boundaries and Hall County line.

    3. From Bald Ridge Marina Road and Highway 400 to the Fulton County line to McFarland Parkway.

    4. West of Highway 400 and south of Highway 20 to the Cherokee County line and south to the Fulton County line.

    5. West of Highway 400, north of Buford Highway (Highway 20) to SR 369 and Cherokee County line.

    6. West of Highway 400, north of SR 369 to Cherokee and Dawson County lines.


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