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    Old Atlanta Road

    This project proposes widening the existing two-lanes of Old Atlanta Road to a four-lane roadway with a 20' raised median, curb and gutter, sidewalks and turn lanes, as needed. 

    The widening of the existing roadway will vary in locations along the project corridor to minimize property impacts.  Intersection improvements, including turn lanes and intersection alignments, will also be included for a number of side roads along the project corridor.

    Right of Way acquisition is currently underway for Phase 2 from Sharon Road to Nichols Road and Phase 3 from McGinnis Ferry Road to St. Marlo Country Club Parkway.  Expected let date for construction is January or February 205.

    Right of Way acquisition for Phases 4 and 5 will begin in early 2015 with construction anticipated by late 2015.

    Phase 4 begins at St. Marlo Country Club Parkway and ends at Olde Atlanta Parkway.  Phase 5 will begin at Olde Atlanta Parkway and end at James Burgess Road.



    pdf Old Atlanta Road widening_ Phase 4

    pdf Old Atlanta Road widening_Phase 2

    pdf Old Atlanta Road widening_Phase 3

    pdf Old Atlanta Road widening_Phase 5

    pdf Old Atlanta Road, Phase 4 - Right of Way Plans

    pdf Old Atlanta Road, Phase 5 - Right of Way Plans

    pdf Old Atlanta Road_Right of Way from Sharon Road to McGinnis Ferry Road

    pdf Project Information - Old Atlanta Road

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