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  • J. Russell Jackson, Juvenile Court Judge
  • Rebecca M. Rusk, Juvenile Court Administrator/Clerk of Court
  • Accountability & Substance Abuse Court (ASAC)
  • Anne Preston, Clinical Director and Family Therapist
  • At Risk Children Committee (ARCC)
  • Basic Rules of Court Conduct
  • Citizen Review Panel
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Court Costs and Fees
  • Court Programs
  • Court Staff Directory
  • Definitions of Terms Used in Juvenile Court
  • Dennia Martin, Divisions Coordinator/Senior Deputy Clerk
  • Deprivation Timeline
  • Drug Testing Protocol
  • Erica Hudgins, Educational Compliance Case Managert
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Jessica R. Salloum, Delinquency and Traffic Case Manager
  • Juvenile Court Directive
  • Limitations on the Judicial Office staff
  • Mediation Program
  • Mentor Me North Georgia, Inc.
  • Notice to Pro Se Defendants and Litigants
  • Pre-Trial Information
  • Private Deprivation
  • Probation Services
  • Qualification for Financial Assistance for Court Ordered Programs
  • Real Life Alternative to Detention Program
  • Restitution and Community Service
  • Roxanne M. Spencer, Juvenile Services Specialist
  • Truancy Court
  • Winds of Change Weekend Work Program


    To Contact Mrs. Rusk


    Lanier 400 Parkway

    Suite 100

    Cumming, GA 30040

    Telephone: 770-781-3099

    Fax: 770-781-3089



    The Court Administrator of Juvenile Court has many roles within the Juvenile Court system.  The Court Administrator manages and supervises the divisions of the Juvenile Court.  These include the clerical staff, division case managers, intake and probation officers, mediation and judicial citizen panels, and juvenile services as well as appoints for attorney Guardian ad Litem and Advocate Attorneys in juvenile civil matters.


    The Court Administrator sets goals for the divisions, supervises the work, provides training in job skills, assigns and directs work in the divisions, addresses complaints, and resolves conflicts. The Court Administrator develops, communicates and monitors policies, procedures and standards for the department and recommends improvement when necessary.


    The Court Administrator develops and recommends the Court's annual operating budget and monitors and administers the approved budget.


    Mrs. Rusk has worked in the Juvenile Court since 1989 and exclusively with Forsyth County since 1997.


    Appointed as Chief Clerk of the Juvenile Court, Ms. Rusk oversees the processing of all filed cases.  Staff process cases for court hearings, prepare notices, summons and process, and subpoenas.  The office schedules all court hearings and prepares court calendars as well as case transfers, sealing of records and commitment orders.


    The Clerk's office receives and processes requests to copy files and provide other agencies court records as permitted by law, such as military background investigations; provides personnel to record all hearings and maintains the court reporting system; manages the purchasing and inventory control of equipment and supplies for the Court; and receives and processes all money for court costs, fines, fees, and restitution and processes appeals to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Georgia. 

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    FORSYTH COUNTY GOVERNMENTPhone: 770-781-3099
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