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Tax Sales

Tax Sales

Forsyth County has one of the highest collection rates in the State of Georgia. Your efforts as taxpayers help enable us to make this statement. Our staff is dedicated to collecting all taxes and ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of your county government. Sharing responsibilities of improving our community weighs heavily on the taxes you pay and in turn, are disbursed back to you in many different ways.

The Tax Commissioner's Office is charged with enforcing the laws regarding revenue and taxation and collecting taxes from individuals or businesses that fail or refuse to pay. Most of the time delinquent tax matters can be satisfied with a simple letter or phone call, although from time to time, we must collect the delinquent taxes through a Levy and Tax Sale. Tax Sales are open to the public and function as a means of collecting delinquent taxes. The format of the sale is an auction type setting starting with a bid of the amount of taxes owed. Tax Sales are held on the first Tuesday of the month. Tax sale listings can be found in the Wednesday Edition of The Forsyth County News four consecutive weeks prior to the sale. Tax Sales are conducted on the courthouse steps in Cumming, Georgia. Our office coordinates tax sales on an "as needed" basis.

We have prepared a brochure that helps to answer any questions you may have regarding Tax Sales in the State of Georgia. We strongly encourage you to download this brochure (in PDF format) by clicking on the link below.

The sale of property for unpaid taxes may result in the collection of excess funds at the time of sale. The excess funds are available for distribution to the owner or owners as their interests appear in the order of priority in which their interests exist.

After five years have elapsed from the tax sale date, the Tax Commissioner shall pay over to the Georgia Department of Revenue's Unclaimed Property Division any excess unclaimed funds for which no action or proceeding is pending in a claim for payment. Once excess funds are placed in the possession of the Department of Revenue, only a court order from an inter-pleader action filed in the county where the tax sale occurred, by the claimant for the funds, shall serve as justification for the release of the funds.

When deemed necessary, the Tax Commissioner may file an inter-pleader action with the Forsyth County Superior Court for the payment of the amount of such excess funds.


Tax Sale Brochure