You have expressed the desire to be the temporary custodian of a child that is not your child. While you are entitled to represent yourself in this matter, you are STRONGLY encouraged to obtain the assistance of an attorney. Court procedures are complicated and if this matter is going to be contested by the parent(s), it is unlikely that an untrained individual can adequately represent him/herself. READ THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY AND PROVIDE ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION AND RECORDS.

Court personnel cannot provide such assistance to you in preparing the required paperwork that would amount to the unauthorized practice of law. The Court DOES NOT appoint attorneys to represent third parties seeking custody of children. The parent(s), however, WILL be entitled to a court appointed attorney if he/she is unable to afford an attorney.

You may consider the advisability of bringing this action in the Probate Court of Forsyth County instead of the Juvenile Court. Some advantages of filing to be the guardian in Probate Court rather than the temporary custodian in Juvenile Court are:

1.     The Probate Court Order does not expire in 2 years as does the Juvenile Court Order.

2.        Insurance carriers generally provide medical coverage for children in the custody of temporary guardians. Insurance carriers generally DO NOT provide medical coverage for children in temporary custody through the Juvenile Court.

Custody disputes between natural parents are matters for the Superior Court


1.           Birth certificate of the child(ren).

2.           Photograph of the child (good quality copies are acceptable).

3.           Picture identification of parent(s) and proposed custodian. (A Driver’s License or personal photo will be acceptable. We need a copy for the child’s file; good quality copies are acceptable).

4.           Affidavit about any absent parent(s) from parent and proposed custodian.

5.           Affidavit from proposed custodian listing all residents of the household. Include name, age and relationship to proposed custodian.

6.           Criminal Records Check/ DFACS Record Check Release from all adults in proposed custodial home. (One for each household member over the age of 18)

7.           Affidavit under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

8.           Affidavit of Child at least 14 years of age (if applicable)

9.           Consents signed by parent(s) (if applicable)

10.        Complaint filled out by Petitioner(s)/Complainant(s) (This must be legibly filled out as completely as possible including addresses and telephone numbers).

11.        Petition filled out by Petitioner(s). The Petition must be signed in front of a member of the Courtstaff who is a notary.  All other documents requiring notary signature may be executed by any notary public.

12.        A meeting must be held with the Court Designee, Rebecca M. Rusk, for approval prior to filing.


All documents must be legibly filled out and completed even if the same information has been filled in on previous documents. The only exception will be the Affidavit of Child at Least 14 Years of Age.

We must have accurate addresses and telephone number for the parents including where they work and work numbers if you have them.


In order to schedule an appointment with Ms. Rusk, contact 770-781-3099.

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