To qualify for a court appointed attorney, you must schedule an appointment with Indigent Defense to be interviewed.  You may contact Indigent Defense at 678/513-5959 to schedule an appointment.  The following items MUST be provided to Indigent Defense at the time of your appointment.  The interview process cannot be completed without all information listed.

  1. You may be required to make an effort to hire an attorney whether you feel you can or afford one or not.  Proof must be supplied by bringing a letter from a layer on his/her letterhead stating that you have talked with them about your case and have tried to work out some type of arrangement with them but have been unable to do so.  This does not mean that they have to put the fee quoted to you on paper.  It simply means that you have tried and cannot hire him/her.  Due to the number of interviews conducted and the possibility of the letter being misplaced, do not have this letter faxed to the office prior to or after your interview.  You must have the letter with you when you come in for your appointment.
  2. Income must be verified.  To verify your income you must bring the following:
    1. Last two stubs from your paycheck and also your spouse’s check stubs, if the are employed.
    2. If you or your spouse are paid in cash or you do not receive check stubs, bring a NOTARIZED statement from the employer verifying the last two pay periods after taxes.
    3. Proof of your benefits, if you receive income from any other source (Family and Children Services, food stamps, welfare, unemployment, disability, child support or Social Security Administration).
    4. If you or your spouse is self-employed, you must bring proof of your income and expenses for the last two months.  This includes receipts, job estimates, or a statement from customers showing what they have paid you.  Expenses must be verified by purchase receipts or payroll verification from your employees.
  3. If you are buying your home, bring your coupon book or house payment statement.  If you are renting your home, bring a written statement from your landlord showing the weekly or monthly rent.  You may bring a copy of your lease agreement.
  4. Receipts or canceled checks from all of your bills such as utility companies (last two), insurance (personal, car, house, etc.), loan companies, banks, and credit cards.  Include all monthly bills.  BRING PROOF OF ALL EXPENSES.  Don’t assume something will not be considered.
  5. Last two bank statements from checking, savings, money market, or any other accounts that you or your spouse may have.  Bring your W-2 forms from the last year that you filed income tax.
  6. If you pay child support, you must provide receipts, court ordered documentation or a notarized statement showing the amount of payments and dates they were paid.
  7. If you pay childcare, you must provide proof of the amount paid per week/month and to whom it is paid.  Receipts or NOTARIZED statements must be supplied as proof.
  8. If you are disabled or unable to work at this time, you must bring a letter from your doctor or the Social Security Administration stating that fact.
  9. If your bills are in someone else’s name or if someone else pays your bills, you must bring a NOTARIZED statement from that individual stating that fact.
  10. If you are living at home with your parents and pay room and board, you must provide a NOTARIZED statement verifying how much you pay them.  If your parents give you spending money, clothing money, etc. you must supply a NOTARIZED statement from them stating how much they give you per week or month.

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