Drug Testing


The Court has a drug testing protocol whose primary purpose in testing juveniles is to identify those for whom interventions are needed to help them stop using illicit substances.  Without such interventions, many are unable to end their substance abuse and may progress to more serious levels of addiction and to crime.  Having an impact on delinquent behavior is also difficult without substance abuse interventions.  The benefits of drug testing are:


1.                Identify youth who have recently used illicit drugs.

2.                Once identified, complete further alcohol and drug assessments.

3.                To help make recommendations for court dispositions.

4.                To notify parents of a youth’s drug involvement.

5.                To develop treatment plans for youth

6.                To make referrals to appropriate treatment agencies


Specifically, all juveniles who are detained are required to have a medical evaluation if accused, suspected or appear to have used illegal drugs recently.  Juveniles who are under supervision of the Court are required to have (and pay for) random drug screens administered by Court staff. 


Also, when appropriate, parents may be required to submit to drug screens on a regular or random interval.

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