Dennia Martin Chief Deputy Clerk / Drug Court Coordinator

Dennia Martin has been with Forsyth County since January of 1999. Ms. Martin’s position of Deputy Clerk merged with the Juvenile Court Records in 2004.  She received a certificate in court administration, a diploma in Criminal Justice as well as Accounting. Ms. Martin oversees several aspects of the Juvenile Court. As appointed Intake Officer, Dennia is on-call for all detention matters as well as back up for dependency removals.

Her responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Complying and reporting statistical data on case filings
  • Assists Clerk of Court with all financial functions of the Court
  • Prepares and makes deposits of collected funds and prepares reports of same for submission to the Clerk of Court 
  • Serving as a liaison between the school system, alternative school, and the court.
  • Preparing reports for all designated felony cases
  • Oversees and coordinates all transfer cases in or out

Additionally, Dennia is the Drug Court Coordinator of Adolescent Substance Abuse Court.  With this position, her responsibilities include:

  • Compliance with and reporting on drug screening protocol
  • Monitoring of school attendance, probationary compliance and group counseling remarks. 
  • Overseeing management of phases of program and fulfillment of graduation requirements 
  • Coordination graduation ceremonies for participants and their families

Anne Preston Mental Health Divisions Coordinator / Adolescent & Family Therapist

Anne Preston is a Licensed Professional Social Worker with over 25 years of experience working in the field of Mental Health. Ms. Preston received a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Georgia in 1986 and licensure in 1989 as a LCSW. While her focus was in Systemic Family Therapy, she has experience and training in Substance Abuse, Trauma, Attachment and other Mental Health disorders.

Pursuant to direction and referral by Judge, Anne provides individual and family counseling for children and families under Juvenile Court supervision including:

  • Reviewing psycho-social histories for first time offenders
  • Assessing/evaluating and making treatment recommendations for detained juveniles
  • Functioning as a liaison between the Juvenile Court; specifically Gateway Academy
  • Coordinating with other service providers for continuity of treatment for juveniles under the jurisdiction of the Court
  • Providing mental health assessments as needed for admission into ASAC
  • Implementing groups focusing on abandonment, abuse, substance abuse, anger management, and self-esteem.  Groups include current juveniles on probation as well as boys who are housed at the Boys Shelter
  • Providing counseling for the ASAC parents in an eighteen month program for offenders and their families while the juveniles progress through the court’s program.
  • Providing multi-family group counseling that meet weekly at the Juvenile Court.  The program addresses parenting skills, communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Acting as a liaison with other mental health professionals and facilities

Rita Martin Calendar Clerk

Rita Martin has a background in, and is retired from, the insurance industry. Ms. Martin worked for the Juvenile Court part-time in the records room assisting the public as they enter the Juvenile Justice Complex. She now works full time as the Calendar Clerk. Her duties include:

  • Filing in court related paperwork and maintaining confidential juvenile files
  • Assisting Court Manager and Case Managers as directed
  • Assisting the public and attorneys with court files and records
  • Assisting receptionist with answering phone system, typing correspondence and filing
  • Maintaining sensitive and confidential juvenile files
  • Receiving and processing filings and fees
  • Entering all new case files into system
  • Entering paperwork from case files in court
  • Assisting the Court Administrator with financials for advocate attorneys
  • Administering necessary drug screens
  • Maintaining and ordering all office supplies

Mandy Boggs Administrative Technician

Mandy Boggs had an earlier career in the medical field as well as childcare. Ms. Boggs works with the Juvenile Court part-time in the records room assisting the public as they enter the Juvenile Justice Complex. Her duties include:

  • Answering incoming calls and directing callers to the appropriate staff
  • Providing support to Clerk of Court in Court Records office
  • Filing in court related paperwork and maintaining confidential juvenile files
  • Assisting Court Manager and Case Managers as directed
  • Assisting the public and attorneys with court files and records
  • Accepting and entering fees for cases
  • General clerical duties including typing correspondence, filing and maintaining sensitive and confidential juvenile files
  • Administering necessary drug screens

Lysa Gaddis Juvenile Services Specialist / Dependency

Lysa Gaddis holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Georgia. Ms. Gaddis has served as the Calendar Clerk providing support to Clerk of Court in the Court Records office, however has now been assigned as a second Juvenile Services Specialist to assist in court in dependency matters. Lysa’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Provides supervision for Dependency and CHINS caseloads
  • Performs as Mental Competency Plan Manager
  • Oversees implementation of programs and services. 
  • Serves as liaison between Juvenile Court and the Department of Family and Children’s Services
  • Serves additionally as liaison between Juvenile Court and the SAFFT Center
  • Communicates as a liaison with the school system
  • Corresponds with Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Provides information and assistance to the families of dependent children as allowed by law
  • Responsible for documenting court hearing and assisting the Judges in/out of court hearings
  • Enters all legal documentation into the case files electronically
  • Responsible for managing all files for each case
  • Follows up with all attorneys assigned or retained regarding specific case information
  • Maintains the court calendar of both Dependency and CHINS cases
  • Responds to questions or complaints; recommends problem resolution Assists Judges in preparation of court orders

Laurie Bradley Adolescent & Family Therapist

Laurie Bradley joined the Juvenile Court Staff in 2014. Ms. Bradley obtained her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mercer University’s School of Medicine with her Bachelor’s Degree from Auburn University.

Laurie is responsible for:

  • Individual, Family and group therapy
  • Reporting progress of youth and their families to the court
  • Attending court hearings of counseled youth as well as the hearing of youth who may have mental health issues
  • Visitation of those youth at Gateway to check on their progress
  • Serving as an advisor to the Accountability Court regarding current and prospective youth and their families
  • Counseling of the youth participants in the Juvenile Drug Court Program (ASAC)

Jessica Stowe Supervision Specialist / Peer Court Coordinator / ARC Case Facilitator

Jessica Stowe graduated from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, and is a certified teacher.

Ms. Stowe has a variety of roles with the Juvenile Court. As a Supervision Specialist, she supervises youth during the week who are not currently enrolled in the school system, but have an open case in court or who are involved with the Juvenile Drug Court. These youth continue their educational programming through accredited schools on line.

As the Peer Court Coordinator, Ms. Stowe is responsible for the recruitment and training of all youth and adult volunteers who will preside over first time offender cases that would typically be heard by our Juvenile Court Judges. Ms. Stowe facilitates the Peer Court hearings keeping constant communication with volunteers and court staff.

Additionally, Ms. Stowe is responsible for all cases entering the court as an A.R.C. case (At-Risk Children). Ms. Stowe’s responsibilities include:

  • Meeting with parents
  • Reviewing the current issues
  • Creating a case plan
  • Providing an abundance of resources for these families necessary to successfully complete their plans and prevent further involvement of the court.
  • Referral of cases for court processing as CHINS

As a former investigator with the Department of Family and Children’s Services, Ms. Stowe is able to offer the families a vast array of services for which this county is known to provide.

Gary Mugridge Deputy Clerk / Assistant to Administrator

Gary Mugridge has extensive experience in major crimes investigations. Mr. Mugridge began his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and then moved on to serve as a State Trooper. He spent 20 years as a Special Agent with the U.S. Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and later became the Director of Investigations for an organization who specialized in undercover operations where he retired.

Mr. Mugridge worked part-time as a Bailiff for Gwinnett County Courts for 5 years and then began working for Forsyth County Juvenile Court in the same capacity in 2015.

Gary’s training cover a multitude of specialties including investigations covering:

  • Homicides
  • Financial Crimes Detection
  • Kinesthetic Interviewing
  • Search and Seizure
  • Fraud (multi-level)
  • Riot Control
  • Explosive and hazards
  • Criminal Investigations (multi-level)

Mr. Mugridge’s focus with the Juvenile Court as assistant to the Court Administrator and Clerk of Court.

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