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Update on Property Assessments/Millage Rate

Update on Property Assessments/Millage Rate

Good Afternoon!

I have had many constituents call or write me with concerns about their escalating tax bill and ask questions about how and why their property tax assessments have gone up so much. My own home assessment went up 19% in one year. I went to the upper management and the chief appraiser to ask why. I wasn’t asking as much for myself as I wanted answers for each of you. Here are the written reasons and a link to the video Chief Appraiser Mary Kirkpatrick put out at my request. I also want to remind you that you have July 5th to file an appeal with the Tax Assessors' Office. You can contact them with questions or concerns at 770-781-2106. 

Our board voted on Tuesday to advertise proposed county millage rates that included a lower rate for bonds to 1.319 mills from 1.419 mills, a 7.05% reduction.  Next, these rates will be advertised after final authorization by the Board at next Thursday’s meeting.  Then, if these tentative millage rates are adopted by the Board after holding public hearings in July, this would bring the total county millage rate [including M & O, or General Fund, and Fire] down to 7.936 mills from 8.036 mills, a decrease of 1.24%

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Update on District 4 Happenings

Update on District 4 Happenings
Trails are now open at Forsyth County’s Lanierland Park and Matt Community Park.
Forsyth County, Georgia – Both Lanierland Park and Matt Community Park have added a natural surface trail with unique settings for citizens to enjoy.       
“We are pleased to offer residents these latest additions to the county’s park system,” said District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills. “With great amenities such as these new trails, it comes as no surprise that Forsyth County was recently named Georgia’s healthiest county for the sixth consecutive year.”
The trail at Lanierland Park is an out and back route that is 2.6 miles long and allows for walking and jogging. The trail meanders through open fields, tree covered areas and along a creek. The trail head is located adjacent to the main parking lot. Other amenities in the park include four rectangular synthetic turf fields, four picnic pavilions, a playground restroom and parking.

The trail at Matt Community Park features stacked loops that total 3.06 miles and allows for walking, jogging and mountain biking. The trail meanders through woods and along a pond. The trail head is located near the back of the park. Other amenities at the park include four synthetic-turf rectangular fields, a playground, two pavilions, restrooms and parking. 

“Trails are the number one amenity requested by residents. By adding these two trails, the County now has just under 50 miles of trails for the citizens to enjoy,” said Parks & Recreation Director Jim Pryor. 
The trails were designed by the Parks & Recreation Department’s Natural Resources Division. The trail at Lanierland Park was constructed by Aaron Steel and Associates and the trail at Matt Community Park was constructed by Reliant Construction Inc. Both trails were funded by the 2008 Parks & Recreation Greenspace Bond and impact fees.
Lanierland Park is located at 6115 Jot-Em-Down Road and Matt Community Park is located at 6555 Wallace Tatum Road

The BOC voted on Tuesday to fund the design of a new road extending Coal Mountain Drive from Highway 9 to 369, crossing over Settingdown road.  This design should take approximately four months to complete. This road would give much needed relief to the intersection of Highway 9 and 369 and would give the 750 homes at Bridgetown a way to get in and out of their subdivision more safely with the addition of a red light, approved by GDOT. 

Lastly, the paving is beginning on the intersection improvement project at Coal Mountain Drive and 9 (at the entrance to the schools on 9).  The lanes will be open once the pavement is complete although it will be a few weeks before the new red light is installed. Thank you for your patience with this project. 

I appreciate your allowing me to serve District 4. Please remind your kids to be safe with graduation quickly approaching. Congratulations to all of our 2018 graduates!

Cindy Jones Mills
Forsyth County BOC/D4
‭‭(678) 230-3864‬‬

PS. Please remind others to sign up for updates here. Also, our Subarea Plan Open House is Monday from 6-8 p.m. here in the County Administration Building, 110 East Main Street, Suite 220 in Cumming.

Join Us for the Subarea Plan Community Open House

Join Us for the Subarea Plan Community Open House
One of the many qualities that makes Forsyth County such a great community is the abundance of natural resources. In our own backyard sits over 200 miles of Lake Lanier shoreline, one of the best hikes in Georgia at Sawnee Mountain Preserve and a kayaker’s dream on the Etowah River. One way the county is working to enhance those resources is by connecting them through a trail system. 
A subarea plan in the northern portion of the county has been designed to establish a trail system that connects neighborhoods, county facilities and the county’s natural resources. The goal of this new east to west greenway is to eventually connect to the Big Creek Greenway, which runs north and south, benefiting the county as a whole. 
Community input received through the recent Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan showed that 75 percent of respondents ranked walking on nature trails as the outdoor activity of most interest. Home owners appear to share a similar fondness of trails. According to a survey of recent homebuyers by the National Association of Home Realtors and Home Builders, trails rank as the second most important community amenity out of a list of 18 choices, partly due to home value increases when in close proximity to a greenway. 
So what are your thoughts on the plan for an integrated trail system in north Forsyth? 
A community open house will be held for citizen feedback on Monday, May 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Forsyth County Administration Building (110 E. Main Street).
I hope that you will take the time to be a part of the process to develop something that all residents of Forsyth County can enjoy for generations!

SPLOST VIII Town Hall Meeting

SPLOST VIII Town Hall Meeting
You will be voting in November on the continuation of the one cent sales tax that has been in place in the county since 1987. This SPLOST is not an increase but it’s a continuation of the existing tax. The beauty of sales tax over property tax is a lot of other people contribute to it that don't even live in our county. In order for us to get projects on this list that you want to see, we desperately need your input. We will be holding a town hall meeting on Thursday, April 12, at 6 .m. here in the Forsyth County Administration Building, 110 East Main Street, Cumming, Suite 220. Please try to attend the town hall meeting and email your commissioners as well. We can’t do everything but we can do some things, so let your voice be heard. 

March District 4 Zoning Newsletter

March District 4 Zoning Newsletter
I'm pleased to share with you the March District 4 Zoning Newsletter. It was very daunting last year as many residential zonings were brought forth at the same time. We were able to reduce their densities significantly and  raise the standards for quality on some of these spec zonings thanks to citizen involvement and to my stakeholders and planning commissioner. We are now seeing a much needed uptick in commercial activity in our area, which is what our tax base longs for. More information will come on some of those later.  Ask your friends to sign up to this page to get more information. 
Information contained on this page is provided by the district commissioner; this information is not provided on behalf of the county government.

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