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Sharon Springs Town Hall Meeting

Sharon Springs Town Hall Meeting

Dear D4 Residents,

Here are the details for the town hall meeting regarding the creation of a new city in South Forsyth called Sharon Springs. If the Senate approves HB 626, as expected, a vote will be taken on May 22nd. The only people who can vote on this are the people within the Sharon Springs boundary. The two reports the county has commissioned on the financial impact this will bring to county residents is anticipated to be significant. I have attached the financial impact study for your viewing. For this reason and in a effort to supply our citizens with all the facts, we are having a town hall meeting on February 27 at 6:30 pm at the Forsyth Conference Center at Lanier Technical College located at 3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd. I hope you can attend and offer your feedback as it will impact you. If you have questions or if I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to call me at 678-230-3864 or email me at cjmills@forsythco.com. 

As always, it’s a pleasure to serve you. 


District 4 Transportation Update

District 4 Transportation Update
I want to thank State Representative Kevin Tanner, Chairman of the Transportation Committee in the House of Representatives, and Russell McMurry,  Georgia DOT Chairman, for coming to Forsyth County to meet with me, the county's transportation staff, and taxpayers from five different subdivisions in the 9th district. Transportation was our primary focus and residents got to ask questions about 369, and local improvement projects as well. A few citizens weren’t able to attend because of work conflicts but I think it was a great way for representatives from the community to get to share their questions, frustrations, concerns and their ideas on how to make things better. 

A few things we learned:

1. Passings lanes on 369 West have not yet been determined but the area where the county has done intersection improvements are likely not to be a part of the passing lane sections. 

2.  369 four laning is on a future aspiration list and unfunded, which likely won’t occur for over 10 years minimum. 

3.  Elmo Road intersection improvement will extend the existing turning lane to Wilkes. It will slightly realign Elmo and will add left and right turn lanes in all directions as well as close off part of Leon’s Store to get people farther away from the intersection to create a better flow. There are hopes that BP will close off their entrance and create another entrance with the proposed Publix going in behind it, across from Elmo. A lot of discussion was on this intersection and the hopes of acquiring another way to move Elmo in the future. Staff said it was in the future plans as unfunded and aspirational to move Elmo to line up with Doc Bramblett one day. It’s in the transportation update that hasn’t yet been approved by the board. The state understands the concern with this intersection and it’s close proximity to 369. 

4.  Wallace Tatum Road - the need for widening it to add more shoulder, better access to McBrayer Road for buses and sidewalks to Matt Park from the schools were also discussed. 

5.  Citizens asked for better law enforcement to slow down speeding trucks and trash pickup and both were discussed at length. I told them I had just met with Sheriff Freeman the day before and inmates were now picking up trash on all these roadways and more on a weekly basis. We have a few logistics to work out but the work began this week. 

6. Left turn lights at 369 on to Bannister and John Burruss - has already been approved with all the red light improvements going on and waiting for contractor to complete. I asked about left lights crossing over 400 on Martin, Hubbardtown/Crossroads, and Jot-em Down Road. Commissioner McMurry asked District manager Brent Cook to look into the numbers and see if the numbers were enough to warrant a left turn light. I explained the county had spent lots of money to bring the intersections to a much safer point but we couldn’t do the lights without their approval. This isn’t District 9 but a huge need for North Forsyth and for safety. 

7.  Red light and new road at entrance to Bridgetown - I went over the need for GDOT to get us a letter recognizing this light and new road and the Commissioner told staff what they are needing from them to get this achieved. Staff and GDOT both understand what a huge priority this is for our district to solve so many transportation problems and safety concerns. This improvement would help anyone living off of 369 West. 

A few other things were discussed but that’s a decent summary. We are so fortunate to have leaders like this who are willing to listen and to work to find remedies for these issues our citizens are facing. I was proud to be a part of everyone working together to find solutions. There’s a lot of work to do but it’s a great feeling to know that we all have the same goals and are working to find answers together. Thank you Representative Tanner for your leadership in helping to put this meeting together and to the citizens who attended or were on conference call. Your input was extremely valuable.  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. Please share this blog with others. 

SPLOST Public Input Meeting Tonight

SPLOST Public Input Meeting Tonight

I hope to see you at the SPLOST Public Input Meeting tonight from 6-8 p.m. at the Hampton Park Library. Here you can speak directly to folks in many departments in the county including the Sheriff's Office, Parks and Recreation, Engineering, Recycling and Solid Waste, Library System, Animal Shelter, Finance, Water & Sewer, Fire and upper management. You'll even have your commissioner there to beat up on. Don't miss this opportunity in your community to come ask questions and give your input. North needs to be heard so come out tonight! 

SPLOST Meeting Information

SPLOST Meeting Information

Please join me for the upcoming SPLOST Public Input Meeting in District 4. See details about the meeting here. In addition, we have recreated these in person meetings virtually, allowing our citizens to provide input and recommendations from the anywhere they have an internet connection.  Please see how you can engage in the process by clicking here.

SPLOST Public Input Meetings

SPLOST Public Input Meetings

SPLOST - Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax - has been in place in Forsyth County since 1987. It has been used for so many wonderful things we have in our county: parks, libraries, water, fire and the last decade most of it has gone to transportation improvement projects. As we all know, the demands on our transportation corridors has certainly not decreased and that’s what makes this SPLOST 8 so critical in Forsyth county being able to continue these essential upgrades for our own quality of life. We need to hear from you so we know what projects you’d like to see in SPLOST 8. What projects are important to you?  We will be hosting 10 meetings, 2 in each district, one during the day and one at night, to listen to you. We want to be sure we are in-tune with our constituents and meeting your needs. Here is a SPLOST Meetings Informational Flier that will give you the dates, locations and times of the meetings. We hope to see you at a meeting and please share this on Facebook and send to your HOA’s. North Forsyth needs to show up and make your voices heard.

Thank you!

Cindy J. Mills

Upcoming Zoning Public Participation Meetings

Upcoming Zoning Public Participation Meetings

Please see the upcoming public participation meetings below in case you are interested in attending:

CP170017 - Plant It Earth Georgia, LLC - 1/16/2018 1:00 pm held at location - Please see information from eStatus here.

ZA3882 - Bobby Smith - 1/17/2018 - 6:00 pm at Coal Mountain Park Community Building - Please see information from eStatus here.

ZA3883 - Strategic Management and Capital Advisors, LLC 1/18/2018 - 6:00 pm Coal Mountain Community Building - Please see information from eStatus here.

Thank you.

A Look Back on 2017 and Going Forward to 2018

A Look Back on 2017 and Going Forward to 2018

When reflecting back on this past year and what all has occurred, there’s no wonder I’m exhausted. Lol! We truly do have much to be thankful for and I’ll try to list a few of our blessings in D4 as well as countywide:

1.  After almost a year of gathering input from our citizenry, we finally adopted a new comprehensive plan in the spring.  This plan effects all zoning decisions and creates a long range vision for our county. It’s a a wonderful tool to guide us in making good decisions for our county. 

2.  After months and months of community meetings and input, we adopted the Coal Mountain Overlay that raised the standards for all commercial development and started the ground work on residential standards. We are already seeing the bounty of our labors with old zonings having to conform to these new and better standards, some of the best in the county.

 3.  There’s been a moratorium on the issuance of land disturbance permits for District 4 properties zoned residential between 2000 and 2012.  That moratorium extends until November 2018. We have hired a consultant that will hopefully put higher standards on all residential zonings going forward and that will insure these old zonings will conform to today’s standards.

4.  Created a Memorandum of Understanding with Advanced Disposal that will ensure that North Forsyth is cleaner, more beautiful and that the landfill operators are held accountable by experts that know this field of science.  We have benchmarks and and standards now that never existed before and we also got an increase in HOST fees that gives us the ability to do more for the community. Every one can be held accountable now and that’s important to the environment and the taxpayers.

 5.  Held two more Drug Summits (7 and 8) and had national speakers at both. Also we had our first Mental Wellness Summit for Suicide Prevention and are starting a Mental Health Council.

6.  I was asked to serve on the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia’s Board of Managers and continue to Chair the Government Policy Council as well. This position is a huge benefit to the county as I’m engaged on weekly calls that update me on all the bills under the Gold Dome that effect counties. It’s a way to give input prior to a bill passing.

 7.  With the assistance of our Chief Information Officer, we were able to do something that had never been done before in the county. We were able to overlay both the county and the BOE’s GIS systems to show how many zonings have been zoned and permits drawn in the that particular school’s district. This needs to be done county wide and the benefits are unlimited. Just to get the two systems to combine their data is a huge feat.

 8.  The completion of the 400 widening to 369 north and other transportation projects like Martin Road and others are making an impact for our community. We have many more improvements to go that are paid for in the $200 million transportation bond. I was very pleased that we got GDOT to approve two quick start projects for slip lanes at 9 and 306 at State Barn Road.

9.  Working with our NF Rotary club we continued with our healthy living initiative with the purchasing of greenhouses for the rest of the schools in the north cluster. We also got our first senior living community that the amenity is a greenhouse and there’s a farmers market located in the commercial component. Having this in place will give the children a place to sell the fruits of their labor in this commercial environment and create a sense of community.

 10.  Walmart was opened and hopefully, in the near future, NFHS will be selling their organic certified lettuce there. They are now growing 150 heads a week and are providing lettuce to three schools.

 11.  I was humbled to be named an honorary member of the North Forsyth Future Farmers of America. I was also given the Humanitarian of the Year award by Family Haven. We have so much work that needs to be done for domestic violence. I was happy to work with a local business to help expand the reach of service for Family Haven and hope we can break the cycle of domestic violence.

We have so much more work to do with continuing to bring to fruition the town center at Coal Mountain with property zoned over a decade ago. We have huge transportation projects that need to be started with the interchange at 400 and 369 and the widening of 369. We have the ongoing battle against drugs with the great work our Drug Awareness Council does and expanding the Mental Health Council. I hope to learn more by serving on NACo’s Mental Health committee and attending their training conferences. I hope we can also bring to fruition a large industrial park in North Forsyth that will help in creating a more balanced tax base for Forsyth County in the future. We will need input from the community on what projects they would like to see in the next SPLOST vote occurring in November. The next phases of Lanierland Park and Matt Park are highly anticipated as are the recreational centers. We just can’t fit everything in on the next SPLOST and pay back the $100 million we promised for the transportation bond with SPLOST funds. We also have the subarea plan being created in D4 that will have an East/West trail system that we connect eventually with the South/North trail system that most call the Big Creek Greenway. I know this blog is an overload of info for you and I’m thankful for the blog itself as it was created this past year.

 Thank you for caring about the future of Forsyth County and for giving me the opportunity to serve you. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please let me know and help me get good factual info out to our community by asking others to sign up.

 Happy New Year!
 Cindy Jones Mills
Forsyth County BOC/D4
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