In an effort to bring our visitors clear, useful information, we've greatly simplified our website. Unfortunately, this means that some older links may no longer work.

Several of the search engines have not updated their search results, these links from their search results will not work. We have created a new website, with a new layout structure.

The best way to find the information you may be looking for is to to select the "Departments" link from the top menu. Afterwards, choose the department which would possible contain the information from one of the drop-down boxes. This will place you directly into their department. From there, you will see on the left, the main (parent) department, any sub-departments, and any pages listed within that particular (sub)department.

Each (sub)department has its own information and has its own content editor. So if you can not find the information for a particular department, you can e-mail the department directly via our Contact Us page, and request that the information be posted.

If the condition continues please notify us of the page/information you are trying to reach.

- Forsyth County Web Administrator